I Watched 'The Bachelorette' For The First Time Ever-- Here Are My Thoughts

There will be spoilers ahead so proceed with caution

The season premiere of this season's "Bachelorette" with Katie Thurston happened last night and I decided to watch the franchise for the first time ever. I have some thoughts.

A little background on this season. Katie is known for being a former contestant on "The Bachelor" who brought a sex toy to her initial entrance to the show on night one. Now she is the bachelorette of a very different looking season. Long-running host, Chris Harrison, is not part of this season and instead former Bachelorettes Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe are the hosts, which gives a fun female comradery feeling to the show. I'm not sure what it was like prior, but I love the fact the three of them seem to have such a sweet bond. Female friendships are powerful, y'all!

I don't fully understand how the show works yet, so bear with me. The first night seemed to be all about getting to know the guys trying to win Katie over. They all introduced themselves in the most random and extravagant ways possible. Here were some of my favorite entrances:

-James, who hid in a box for most of the night. A very clever way to catch someone's attention. The whole night Katie had to be wondering who the heck could be in the box that was wrapped as a gift. Once she had the revealing moment of who was inside, she looked like she really

-Tre, who rolled up in a truck with the bed of it filled with rainbow plastic balls you would find in a children's ball pit. He was fun and adorable. I very much dig his vibe.

-Connor B, the guy who literally dressed in a cat onesie. It was creepy as heck, BUT it definitely had me talking/consistently thinking about him. AND SHE MADE OUT WITH HIM... IN THE CAT SUIT so clearly she was thinking about him a lot, too.

Other things I'm intrigued by, as a first time viewer...

-the argument between two of the guys (Aaron & Cody). What the heck was that about!?! I felt like I was at a bar and a drunk guy came after a sober guy where the sober guy was just confused and wasn't sure what to do with the random drunk guy going after him.

-the impression rose as a whole. How is someone supposed to pick ONE guy out of 30 to give a rose to for the biggest impression. I hade like five options in my head. Side note- Greg was the one who received the impression rose and I don't think I like that pick. He was sweet but he didn't impress me. He's also from Jersey, my home state, and I know what most Jersey guys are like so I may just be bias against him.

-I was so happy to hear Katie be honest and say that she wasn't sure if she wanted kids yet. There's nothing at all wrong with knowing what you like/are looking for. There's also nothing wrong with not having a clue what you want OR changing your mind about what you want. It's refreshing to hear that on a national platform.

-I am obsessed with Katie's sex positive viewpoint. She's unapologetic about the fact she's attracted to these guys and I think that's super healthy to see on a popular television program like this one.

Alright, here are my top two guys thus far:

-Andrew S.


Runner up: James (even though he comes off as more the kind of guy you sleep with and don't actually date)

Stay tuned for more thoughts on "The Bachelorette" every week by a gal who is still learning how in the world this all works. There are still 22 guys left!

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