Uber Has A New Feature To Make Pickups Easier

Uber has listened to complaints and created a new feature to help pickups run smoother.

There's nothing worse than doing the run around with your Uber driver when they arrive at what looks like your location. Being in a city, the map would show where you are but not the side of the street you're on. This causes a problem for a seamless pickup. Now, with Uber's latest feature, the app will let your driver know which side of the street you're on.

On top of that, the company has also added a feature that informs your driver of major landmarks near where you are located so that it's even easier to find you. For example, the driver will now see “Pickup near Starbucks at 100 Market St” instead of just “Pickup on 100 Market St.” Double on top of that, the app will show if you've moved from your original location so there's no worries if you have to move around a bit.

The rollout continues through the end of the year for drivers. No more running around last minute trying to find your ride! Now it'll be super easy to just hop right in!

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