Thoughts On Week Three Of 'The Bachelorette' From A Newbie

It's week three of my journey into the world of "The Bachelorette" for the very first time. Let's talk about the stand out moments, the awkward ones, and everything in between.

We will start with stand out moments:

-Bye, Bye Karl! If you don't remember who Karl is, he's the obnoxious guy who claimed there were a lot of guys not "there for the right reasons" but refused to speak out about who it was. Obviously this raises a lot of red flags. Why mention something like that in such a half assed way? The whole reason to bring that up is to help Katie know who to eliminate, but if you can't tell her who that person is then that's useless... unless you have a hidden agenda. The guys on the show felt he was hiding something and that HE was the one there for the wrong reasons. They thought this so much so that they approached Katie at the rose ceremony to tell her they all believe he should leave. After thinking it through and consulting with Kaitlyn & Tayshia she ultimately agreed with them and he didn't get a rose OR a goodbye.

-Katie opened up about her sexual assault. It was a very vulnerable moment that was truly impactful. It's hard to open up to loved ones or the people you're in a relationship with... I can't imagine how difficult it had to be to speak about it on such a large platform. Hopefully some good comes from this and that it can help break the stigma of talking about sexual assault. Maybe some will feel more open to speaking out now or at least they will know they're not alone in this fight.

-Michael also had a very big and vulnerable moment when he opened up about losing his wife and mother to his child to cancer. Him and Katie bonded on the openness and willingness to connect over something clearly traumatizing.

-Thomas admitted to coming to the show to boost his platform. Then he decided he was falling in love with Katie and so much so that he needed to interrupt Aaron's personal time with Katie to say so. Prrreetttyyyy sketch that you would flip flop so fast AND that you would actively push yourself in between Katie and another person. Also, negative points to Thomas for lurking in the shadows for so long awaiting his moment to pounce. What a total WEIRDO! Now all the guys hate him, rightfully so.

Things that made me laugh:

-Katie flipping the dune buggy was obviously scary at first (gotta make sure she's okay before laughing) but the fact she then took Michael out in it and swore she was a good driver gave me a little chuckle.

-Justin's facial expressions throughout the whole night were fantastic. He's beyond over everyone's crap at this point and it's only week three of the show. (Check them out for yourself in the tweet below.)

Last Thought:

I know Thomas clearly sucks and I still very much stand by the idea of Katie throwing them all in the trash and starting over, but there is one guy I truly cannot tolerate much longer. Aaron. He's got to go. He's aggressive at every chance he gets and really gives me bad vibes. What's even worse is the fact he does it all in the name of "Katie" and her best interest. He's the kind of guy who wants to fight a guy who happened to glance at his girlfriend for a minute too long for his liking. He's got to go.

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