Peloton Has A Ridiculous Solution To Prevent Death And Injury

Peloton has been the center of death and injury cases involving small children and pets for the last year or so.

Their treadmill has been the center of such issues and the company has finally come up with a way to prevent these terrible things from happening, but it's going to cost you, the consumer.

If you want to be sure that your child and pets are safe around your treadmill then you better be ready to shell out $39.99 a month for their Tread+ membership that has the Tread Lock feature to block any unauthorized access to the machine. Seems a little absurd considering the treadmills start at around $3,000 to begin with and most people take advantage of the free option available.

Apparently the company will give all customers three months of the Tread+ membership for free and are currently working on the ability to use Tread Lock while using the free option, even though there is no information on when that would roll out.

Nothing like a company robbing you in the name of safety...

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