Thoughts On Week Four Of 'The Bachelorette' From A Newbie

I've been recapping all the drama happening on "The Bachelorette" each week since this is the first time I'm watching the franchise and don't know much of what's happening.

I'm going to be honest, this was the most boring episode yet. I've been enjoying watching each week, even though I didn't think I would, but this week was just a snooze.

Stand out moments:

-Quick Thomas update... He's the guy who has flip flopped his thoughts on why he is even on the show to begin with. Thomas came to the show with the intentions of becoming the next bachelor. He even admitted that to the rest of the guys on the show (dumb move). Then he decided the week after he admitted he was there for the wrong reasons that he was actually falling for Katie. PICK A LANE, THOMAS. Ya can't keep going back and forth for the heck of it! Guess it doesn't matter much anymore though, since Katie showed him the door and did it in a very iconic way. As she held the last rose of the night, she called out for Thomas and told him to GET THE HECK OUT.

-Katie, Tayshia, and Kaitlyn all bonding and being adorable as they gossiped about the guys doing their little truth or dare group date gave me all the smiles. I love the idea of having Tayshia and Kaitlyn host because they can do fun things like that. It would be really weird to see Chris Harrison try something like that.

-Justin's over the top facial expressions are still winning every single week.

-That's pretty much it because there wasn't much else going on and I also started to check out because nothing good was happening and Aaron was starting to really annoy me again.

Awkward moments:

-Listening to Greg dirty talk in the massive ear that pipped the audio back to Katie, Tayshia, and Kaitlyn was somethin' else. The worst (and also best) part was the fact he thought he did such an amazing job at the end that he cheered for himself at the end.

Final thoughts:

-Andrew S. is still my favorite. I know some of you may think it's messed up that he didn't agree with the guys on Thomas, but I kind of loved that about him. He didn't want to deal with the drama and he was very adamant about the fact this is all up to Katie and what she truly wants. She knew how all the guys felt and now the ball was in her court. I just appreciate a man who will sit back and let you do your think... unlike the guys like Aaron.

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