Woman's Childhood Dream Comes True 60 Years Later

Gwen Goldman wrote a letter to the Yankees when she was 10-years-old stating how she wanted the opportunity to be a bat girl for them. She outlined how girls are capable of doing all that boys can do and how beneficial it would be to have a girl in the position.

The GM at the time (in 1961) denied her with a letter saying, "While we agree with you that girls are certainly as capable as boys, and no doubt would be an attractive addition on the playing field, I am sure you can understand that it is a game dominated by men. A young lady such as yourself would feel out of place in a dugout." 

She kept the letter all these years and even had it framed. Even though it was a denial letter, it was still a piece of memorabilia from her favorite baseball team.

Her daughter took it upon herself to reach out to the current GM about the letter her mother received decades ago, as it was still a dream of her mother's to be a bat girl for the Yanks.

He wrote a letter to Gwen and called a zoom meeting to offer her the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at the Yankees game Monday, June 28. How amazing!!!

You can watch the emotional video of her accepting and then throwing the first pitch below.

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