Expert Says You're Dating A Loser If He Does These Things

Anna Bey, an elegance coach, has a list of signs that you're dating a loser and men are super offended.

She warned women against guys who do the following:

  • split the bill with you or go 50/50 on other expenses
  • lack any depth-- are only concerned with things like football, drinking, and video games
  • don't have basic gentleman's skills like opening the door or pulling out your seat
  • party too much

Men have come together to denounce her thoughts on losers and are sticking by their love for video games and football. Most have agreed that the other things on the list are just basic things a man should do like open the door for their significant other, not party every single night (unless they're both partying together), and that splitting the bill is up to preference.

I love to tell men what they're doing wrong, but having hobbies like the ones listed above don't make anyone a loser. They may be interests that don't align with yours, but that's okay... just don't date each other then! Dating is different for everyone and each person has their own personality. No reason to judge someone on their likes or hobbies, no matter what they are.

Seems to me like this "expert" is only experienced in her own wants/needs and not anyone else's.

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