A Nashville Native Beat LeBron James In A Game Of One-On-One

LeBron James is known as one of the best basketball players in the NBA, but this Nashville native wanted to truly test his skills.

Though LeBron is famous for playing a killer game of basketball, he's also trying his hand at a lead acting role for the new "Space Jam" movie. Nicole Kornet, who is native to Nashville, was on the set of the movie with LeBron when the two decided to play a game of one-on-one to pass the time.

During the game, Nicole managed to get more baskets than LeBron and winning the match! She said they both laughed it off at the end but that she could tell he was a little bit upset about his loss.

Talk about a cool story to tell your grandkids. I can hear it now... "Gather 'round children, let me tell you about the time I beat the best NBA player of my generation in a casual game of one-on-one."

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