Thoughts On Week Five Of 'The Bachelorette' From A Newbie

I'm new to the "Bachelor" franchise as I've never actually watched a season of the show. This is now my fifth week watching the new "Bachelorette" season with Katie Thurston and I have some thoughts.

Standout Moments:

-Katie is 100% already all in on Blake, who was just added to the group of guys after asking to get in on the action partway into the season. The guys are all frustrated with his addition for both the fact he's looked at as a threat and because he gets a pass to be added.

-Seeing all the guys in wrestling singlets to play Bach Ball (a strange combination of basketball and football) was definitely a highlight. *drools*

-The guys had a very sweet and intimate moment together. There were tears and life realizations after Michael told the men about losing his wife.

-There was a very necessary and open conversation about interracial dating that was had between Katie and Andrew S.

-We have a plot twist... everyone now hates Hunter. Someone had to take the villain spot and Hunter's aggressive personality (especially during the game of Bach Ball) solidified him as the least favorite guy in the house.

-Katie said goodbye to Andrew M., Josh and Quartney this week and things are getting intense by the looks of the preview for next week!

Final Thoughts:

-Andrew S. has been my favorite to win from the start and I think he's finally getting his time to SHINE! But it does seem like Katie is seriously feelin' Blake. I don't know if it's because they have a short past of messaging each other before he actually came on the show or if there's just an immediate spark. All I do know is that Andrew S. still has my vote.

-There are a lot of big conversations and moments happening in this season. For someone new to this, like me, its nice to see some seriousness added to a show based on funny moments and a reality TV version of love.

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