Do You Know What The Ridges On The Side Of Ritz Crackers Are For?

TikTok is constantly blowing my mind. I know... that sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. I learn so much random nonsense on the app that it totally makes it worth it to waste hours scrolling through the crap dancing videos.

This week I learned a fun fact about Ritz Crackers! Ritz has delicious crackers (that I can't eat anymore since I'm sadly gluten free) that are very specifically designed with ridges all along the side. Now, I always thought the ridges were a fun design that Ritz used to make their crackers look nicer on a plate. There's nothing better than a beautiful vessel carrying meats and dip into your mouth, right? WRONG. There's a reason they have ridges and Ritz wants you to know about it!

Ritz Crackers have ridges so you can cut cheese with them. All you have to do is roll the ridges along the cheese and it will cut it in pieces. My mind is totally blown!

Check out the TikTok below!

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