You Can Find Giant Trolls In A Giant Forest Right Outside Nashville

Bernheim Forest is home to giants! Okay, they're wooden and not real, but they're still very cool looking and it's only a two hour ride outside of Nashville to find them.

For Bernheim's 90th anniversary a few years ago, a Danish artist created massive sculptures of giants from recycled wood from the region. When you visit, you can find Mama Loumari and her kids, Little Nis and Little Elina. Mama's also got a third child living happily in her tummy.

They're free to see (but a $10 donation is encouraged per car) and they're all within walking distance of one another. It's a 2-mile loop total, but there is also parking available next to each giant.

It's a great trip for families and friends to see some pretty amazing art. Before you go, make sure you watch the video below of Dambo reading “While the Weather Got Better,” a chapter of his fairy tale about Isak Heartstone, the papa giant (who lives in Colorado).

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