The American Butter Institute Thanks BTS For Raising Awareness About Butter

The hit song "Butter" by BTS has impacted all of us, but no one as much as the American Butter Institute (yes, that's an actual thing). This month, "Butter" topped the Billboard Top 100 chart for the sixth consecutive week... just to give you an idea of how massive the hit truly is.

Because of the success of the song, the American Butter Institute sent BTS a thank you letter for the song "Butter" and the "awareness" it raised for the delicious product.

“Like BTS says, ‘it’s smooth,'” said Alan Bjerga, Chief of Communications for the American Butter Institute. “The future of U.S. butter sales is in exports, and to have arguably the biggest band on the globe giving a thumbs-up in song can’t be anything but good.”

Butter (the product) has had their highest sales in 50 years, which may or may not have to do with BTS.

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