Kraft Has Gone Off The Deep End With Their New Mac & Cheese Ice Cream

Not sure if this is an accomplishment or an atrocity.

Kraft has teamed up with Vanleeuwen Ice Cream to mix both mac and cheese and ice cream into one single creation. Eater’s Amy McCarthy reviewed the sweet treat and said, “The cheese powder combines with Van Leeuwen’s rich base, made with milk, cream, and sugar, to produce a buttery flavor that’s only slightly cheesy." She did say the ice cream doesn't taste like a bowl of mac and cheese, it's actually a more complex flavor.

Not going to lie, I'm intrigued. Don't know if it'll become my new favorite ice cream, but I kind of want to try it.

If you're also interested in trying it out you can grab a pint online! Starting at 11am EST today (July 14th) you can grab the treat at Use the code “FIRSTSCOOP15” for 15% off your online order.

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