Jeep Is Making A Car That Can Drive Underwater

Jeep showed a video of a Wrangler completely submerged during a meeting with their parent company, Stellantis, as they teased the idea of a Jeep that can go fully underwater.

They've already got the new Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon that has the ability to drive in 33.6 inches of water. That may not seem like much, but Jeep seems pretty confident they can produce a car that can swim in deeper waters.

The idea is to make the car electric so that there is no exhaust or air intakes. Then they would only have to seal all other equipment from the water. (I say "only" as if that's a super simple task that I've done myself when, in reality, that's probably pretty difficult to do.)

The possibility of this dream coming true is looking pretty promising between their earlier mentioned Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon and their Wrangler Rubicon 4Xe plug-in hybrid that is equipped with a waterproof battery pack and rated at a fording depth of 30 inches. The only downside is that the CEO of Jeep said this probably won't happen until after 2030.

Sign me up for a carmarine! (Yes, I'm making that a thing.)

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