A Swarm Of Mosquitoes Formed An Insane Bug Tornado In Russia

So it turns out that mosquitoes can swarm together to form a tornado-like creation that is something out of a Stephen King novel. Add that to your list of nightmare situations.

Videos were posted to social media of millions of the tiny critters gathering off the east coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.

Apparently this is pretty normal during mosquito mating season (GROSS), but it's the amount of them that's got people worried. Global warming is causing a rise in temperatures, which has allowed mosquitoes to live longer than normal so there are way more than usual mating at this point.

The worst part is that the locals say there are so many gathering that repellants won't work and that they can be so large they can even block the sun. DOUBLE GROSS.

Brace yourself for the video below...

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