Team USA's Women's Rugby Team Shows Us The Truth About Those Cardboard Beds

Everyone went wild when they found out the Tokyo Olympics had decided to use cardboard beds in the Olympic Village for the athletes. Though some say it was to deter the sexual activity that runs rampant throughout the living quarters, it is actually part of Tokyo's sustainability efforts. The frames and the mattresses will be recycled at the end of the games, unlike other villages where everything stays and the buildings turn abandoned.

BUT let's have some fun with this anyway. As it turns out, the "cardboard beds" are pretty dang sturdy.

Team USA's Women's Rugby team took to TikTok with a series of videos proving the beds are actually pretty reliable and can totally withstand a little bump and grind. The women did yoga poses, gave CPR to the mattress, did their best "cry baby" impersonation by attacking the mattress, throwing a temper tantrum, doing A skips, showing off a wrestling knockout, dropping into a dramatic faint, clap push-ups, and "beating up a robber." There was one task that we didn't see as Ilona and her teammates cut the tape at the end *winky face*.

No beds were hurt in the making of these TikTok as they're stronger than we thought!

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