Woman Goes Around Licking Grocery Store Items To 'Fortify' Immune System

A woman has gone viral for walking around a grocery store licking everything in sight.

Jodie Meschuk doesn't believe in vaccines because she states they cause autism. So instead of getting the vaccine against coronavirus, she believes in going to public places and licking everything she can find to "fortify" her immune system. (This has been proven to be false by science, by the way.)

She recently posted a video of her walking around the grocery store licking everything from produce bags to door handles with captions like “not law” (when referring to a sign asking customers to wear masks), “oxygen and smiles are life,” and “terrain baby.”

In the past, people have been arrested and charged for doing things like what she did so hopefully the law gets involved. Despite the fact that what she's doing is not rooted in science, it's just flat out disgusting. Nobody wants your spit on their door handles, lady!

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