We Have To Talk About #RushTok

There is a sorority takeover happening all over TikTok. The ladies rushing for a spot in their favorite sorority at University of Alabama have been posting #RushToks.

Sororities and rushing work like this. Potential New Members (PNMs) go off to events and parties to "rush" for a spot in their favorite sorority. The PNM's rank the sororities they like from best to least and the same sororities rank the girls. The idea is to match each girl to their favorite or perfect fit sorority (obviously that doesn't always happen). University of Alabama has 18 Panhellenic sororities so it's kind of a big deal there.

The specific TikToks that have taken over the last few days are of the PNMs explaining their outfits they're wearing to various rush events. They explain where each and every piece of their ensemble comes from. Typically it's some expensive brand and they all seem to shop at the same stores, but people can't get enough of them whether they're watching to criticize or to join in on the fun.

Many users have pointed out the fact that all of the girls involved are white... with only one biracial PNM accounted for. Some TikTokers have shared stories of their own very toxic rush experiences and the long history of racist culture within sorority life. So the RushToks have taken many different angles over the last few days.

Below you will find some examples of PNM's OOTD TikToks, some parody RushToks, and some serious TikToks about the realities of sorority life.

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