This Dude Flew 650 Miles For A First Date

Matt Bannon and Taylor Bier met on TikTok and the rest is history.

Matt recently went viral after posting a TikTok of his swimming abilities. With hundreds of women flocking to his comments, there was one who caught his eye... Taylor. She commented about her interest in Matt by saying, "Ooo 25, single, saw there was an Olympic athlete on board - I might not beat that." Matt responded, which lead to many conversations between them that sparked the idea to meet in person. The only problem was that they were 650 miles away from each other. So Matt bought himself a plane ticket to Omaha.

Taylor told SWNS, "Meeting in person was so much better than I could’ve ever expected."

The two are officially dating and now they plan to make a trip to see each other once a month.

Who said you can't find love on the Internet?!

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