You Can Now Buy A Toy Replica Of Jeff Bezos' Phallic Rocket

Jeff Bezos getting launched into the atmosphere in Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket was the talk of the world and it wasn't just for the fact it was a legendary launch, but also because the space ship was shaped like a penis.

On launch day, Twitter erupted in jokes. Some were about the moment they noticed what the rocket resembled and others made the comparison of Bezos' rocket to the one in the movie "Austin Powers," which was purposefully phallic-shaped for the laugh factor.

Well, now you can buy a toy replica of the phallic looking rocket to show all your friends when they come over for a dinner party!

Estes, a company that sells model rocket engines, kits and accessories has created a much smaller version for $69.99. If you're feeling a little more boujee or you just want to treat yo' self, there's a more detailed version you can buy for $109.99. It includes the New Shepard model rocket, a launch pad, a launch controller, a pack of Estes' C5-3 engines, and a pack of recovery wadding. This means that you can launch the rocket to an altitude of 400 feet, and it will even deploy a small parachute on its way down so that it doesn't break.

Both options for the model rocket can be found here:

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