File This Under: "Gross Things Seen At An Airport"

The things that happen on flights and in airports continues to get stranger and stranger by the day.

We've gone from people acting out so drastically that they've been duct taped to their chairs, fights breaking out in the middle of a flight, and some poor airline workers being verbally and physically assaulted and now there are people flying with blocks of raw chicken. Yep, you read that right. Someone flew and checked in a block of raw chicken, which was then filmed by someone as it went by on the baggage conveyor belt in a Seattle airport.

The video was posted to TikTok and has now gone viral for the fact it's mind blowing to see and hard to believe it's even legal to do. TSA had posted the video of the incident with a bit of explanation as to what happened.

To start, I want to point out that it is legal to fly with meat either in a carry-on or checked baggage. In this particular scenario, it seems that the raw chicken parts were originally inside a box that may not have been packaged correctly. This caused the frozen, raw chicken to fall out of its packaging and tossed onto the baggage conveyor belt as a block of nasty chicken. No idea why someone would bother to stick the raw chicken on in the baggage area instead of throwing it out, but it happened and now I will forever wonder what other gross things are flying with my luggage on my next flight.

The TikTok can be seen below, along with TSA's vague explanation that still leaves many questions for the average flyer.

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