Listen To Chris And Morgane Stapleton Sing "The Climb" By Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus sang the song "The Climb" in "Hannah Montana: The Movie" back in 2009 and it very quickly became a hit. Get enough ladies together after a few drinks and if you play this song they will belt it from the top of their lungs. Try it... I promise I'm not lying.

Well before Miley sang the song, someone else had to and it might shock you who. Country star Chris Stapleton and his wife, Morgane, were tapped to sing the demo wayyyyy before he even cut his first album. Jessi Alexander, who wrote the song, asked the Stapletons to lend their voices for the project and when you listen you can see it was clearly the right choice.

The Stapletons together sound flat out beautiful alongside Jessi. I want to listen to this rendition as a lullaby every single night.

Shout out to Jessi Alexander for releasing this, along with eight other songs that have people like Dierks Bently, Sheryl Crow, and Brothers Osbourn on the tracks.

NOTE: This was released years ago, but is just resurfacing again.

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