This Is How To Tell If There Are Hidden Cameras In Your Air BnB

Traveling is exciting. You get to experience a new place, you get to leave your bed undone, and relax. On the other hand, some parts of travel can be really stressful. You have to pay for it, you have to pack to get on a plane/train/car to get there, and now you can add the fact that creepers can possibly be watching you.

A viral TikTok is here to enlighten us on how to tell when there are hidden cameras in our Air BnB or hotel room.

Step one: look for things that seem out of place like a smoke detector above the bed

Step two: shine your phone flashlight onto the item to see if a reflection jumps back-- if it does then that's most likely a camera lens

Step three: book a different place to stay or put all the cameras into a drawer

The full video is below.

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