A Lawyer Was Arrested For Dressing As Michael Myers On A Beach

A man in Galveston, Texas was arrested for a prank that went a little too far.

Mark Metzger is a lawyer who woke up one day and decided he was really in the mood for some spooky celebrating. Halloween is right around the corner so it totally makes sense. The only issue is that he took his love of all things spooky a little too far.

He dressed as serial killer Michael Myers from "Halloween" and went to the beach to make the locals "laugh" during the recent tropical storm. Seems the police didn't find it very funny since they arrested and cited him for the act.

There was one person who found the prank to be pretty great and that was Tom Araya, the lead singer of the band Slayer.

The Michael Myers wannabe posted a picture to social media with a caption saying, “Bringing positive vibes to this gloom and doom world out there, generating some laughter, helping people crack a smile, and restoring our faith in humanity through humor is 100% what I’m about. My methods might not work for everyone, but I guarantee I’ll please more than I’ll piss off. #byekaren. So if taking a silly walk down the beach during a storm in a costume, and subsequently being arrested for disorderly conduct accomplished any of that (was just released with a class c citation and still fuzzy on what exactly I did was illegal) – then I’d do it again all day every day. Plus…it’s not every day you get to meet and chat with SLAYER’S TOM ARAYA in the middle of a prank! #noregrets.”

Seems he's totally fine with the arrest so all is good!

Hopefully some more people got some laughs out of the situation, too!

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