Man Claims He Found A Pig Nipple In His McDonald's Breakfast Sandwich

McDonald's breakfast is a quick and delicious way for anyone to start their day... until now.

A man has claimed that he found a pig nipple in his bacon breakfast sandwich he ordered from McDonald's. He said it came as a total surprise when he opened his sandwich to see what looks like a nipple of a pig right in the middle of a bacon strip. In the moment, he was extremely hungry so he simply plucked that piece off and ate the rest of the sandwich, but now he's debating going vegan from the experience.

McDonald's has responded and said there is no way that there was a pig nipple in their bacon since they only use the back of pigs for their bacon. The picture that was posted is a bit suspect though. I could see why someone may think there was something up with the piece of bacon.

The picture is below. Take a look and decide for yourself if you think a man was given a pig nipple sandwich or not.

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