The Coolest And Most Intense Hot Wheels Track Ever

The Backyard Racing YouTube channel posted the most detailed Hot Wheels track you'll ever see.

The track took thousands of dollars and four months to build out. It involves pools with underwater scenes, loops, and multiple levels. It's so intricate and fun to watch. Truly something most of us have only dreamed about. I mean, the creator even got the cars to go under the water... which was later explained on a Reddit thread.

"Yes, we pushed the car through the pool part! As much as we didn’t want to, it had to be done. We planned to build a motorized escalator for the pool exits, but never got around to it. So, improv it was! Maybe for a future video though. Concerning the timeline, we did troubleshooting for 3 months then 1 month for track construction. Pools were inflated and filled about 4 days prior to shooting," said the creator.

This is the only video on the channel so far, but one has to assume there will be more to come.

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