A Young Boy Was Stabbed In A Haunted House

An 11-year-old boy was going through a haunted house called 7 Floors of Hell when he was stabbed by an actor.

The 7 Floors of Hell haunted house is known for being insanely intense. It's located near Cleveland, Ohio and is supposed to be pretty scary... even without the stabbing.

The boy was outside the haunted house when he saw an actor wielding a knife. He said to the man, "that's fake. I'm not scared." Turns out, he should have been since the actor switched out the prop knife for a real one. Apparently this upset the actor because he retaliated by stabbing the ground near the boy's foot, which ended in him stabbing the boy's toe. His toe was sliced open and had to be tended to.

In the end, the boy got wrapped up and continued the haunted house. The actor is probably unemployed. Safe to say who won this one.

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