Man On TikTok Teaches Women How To Defend Themselves With Acrylic Nails

Ladies, we have a new king and his name is @dutchintheusa on TikTok.

This man is a Royal Marine, a professional in safety and escapes and he's also married with twins (according to his profile).

Since he knows a lot about safety and escapes, he posts a lot of defense videos to educate others on the proper ways to stay safe in unfortunate situations. In one of his most recent videos he posted how to punch with a full set of acrylic nails. When you make a fist, you have to curl your fingers and thumb in a very specific way in order to avoid injury. If you have fake nails, this is impossible to do. You would injure yourself immediately. This guy knows women need the proper knowledge on how to defend themselves so he taught us!

He even posted another video on how to escape handcuffs with fake nails.

This man is out here doing the lord's work!

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