You Can Send Your DNA Into Space (Or Your Pet's)

If you've ever wondered how to preserve your DNA so that you can live on another planet, then this company has you covered.

The company, LifeShip, has created a simple way to send DNA into space. If you want to send your own DNA or your favorite pet's DNA, the kit will run you $84.19 (with the code: VIP15). All it takes is a few steps to collect and send your DNA. LifeShip will send you a kit, you swab your cheek, send it back to them, the DNA is extracted in their lab, the genetic time capsule with your DNA is sent to space on a lunar lander that will forever stay on the moon with your DNA.

Then there's also the option of sending a loved one's ashes into space for $339.15 (with the same code). Their ashes will be preserved in synthetic amber, stored in a time capsule that will be sent to the Moon on a lunar lander that is shared with NASA missions. The full kit comes with a collection envelope and prepaid mailer for returning the ashes to LifeShip’s lab.

All options will get you invitations to watch the rocket launch and lunar landing live streams, as well as a personalized digital mission certificate showing where your DNA or your loved one's ashes are located on the Moon.

They are currently boarding for a SpaceX rocket shared with NASA missions and scheduled for launch in 2023. Only 10,000 people will get their chance to do this, so hurry and get your spot now!

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