Winner Announced For The 2021 USA Mullet Kids Championship

Allan Baltz, from Arkansas, has won the title of Best Mullet for the 2021 USA Mullet Kids Championship with over 25,000 votes.

Not going to lie, he has the most impressive mullet I've ever seen. A very well deserved win for this little guy. To make the win even better, he plans to donate his hair from his mullet to foster care.

Allan has experienced foster care himself, having been placed in his mother's care at 4-years-old. He has also been diagnosed with a “rare genetic syndrome (X-linked Opitz G/BBB Syndrome)” which has led to “3 surgeries and countless hours of therapy to improve his speech and motor skills.”

His mother had this to say about her son and the contest, “He is also the most emphatic human I know. He has a ridiculous mullet now, and when he realized a mullet contest has a cash reward, his first words were ‘If I do it, then I can give the money to kids in foster care.' The boy we adopted through foster care instantly wanting to give back … no thought of what he could get for himself by winning.”

This little mullet having boy sounds like a pretty amazing young man! Congrats, Allan!

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