A Weekend Trip To Ruby Falls In Chattanooga

I took a trip over the weekend, with my boyfriend, to Chattanooga. While we were there we ate, drank, wandered the city, and made a trip to Ruby Falls.

Ruby Falls is a naturally occurring waterfall inside Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga. They have a tour you can take from the top of the mountain. They stick you inside an elevator that takes you down into the cave that has a carefully mapped out trail that will lead you to the waterfall. On the way to your magical waterfall destination you'll pass all different types of rock formations inside the cave. Some of which have been named after something they resemble, like this piece that looks like uncooked bacon.

The walk through the cave reminded me of all the cool field trips I went on when I was younger. You can see so many awesome things that nature creates on its own that you kind of forget about as you get older. So many naturally made stalagmites and stalactites all throughout and the tour guide will explain how different minerals change the colors of the rocks.

Then, about an hour later, you'll finally get to the waterfall that's equipped with a full light show and music. It's pretty amazing to see!

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