New Book By Jamie Lynn Spears Claims Her Parents Were Abusive To Her, Too

TMZ has uncovered snippets from Jamie Lynn Spears' new book "Things I Should Have Said" and they're even more proof that her parents are abusive.

Everyone knows the trouble Britney Spears has been going through with her dad Jamie Spears running her conservatorship-- spying on her in her home, not allowing her to use her money the ways she would like (even for things like a new pair of shoes), keeping tabs on her phone usage, not allowing her boyfriend to ride in the car with her, forcing her to take birth control, the list goes on-- and now we know that his reign reached over Jamie Lynn as well.

Jamie Lynn recounted in her book the abuse she went through when she told her parents she was pregnant at 16-years-old. Apparently everyone around her, including her parents, were pushing her to either have an abortion or put the child up for adoption.

People from her inner circle "... came to my room trying to convince me that having a baby at this point in my life was a terrible idea … 'It will kill your career. You are just too young. You don’t know what you’re doing. There are pills you can take. We can help you take care of this problem … I know a doctor,'" adding, "everyone around me just wanted to make this 'issue' disappear."

She stated her and her father got into a massive argument when he suggested adoption to her where they were "slinging words and tossing insults."

She was not permitted to speak with anyone outside of her "inner circle" while she was pregnant and she claims she wasn't even allowed to tell Britney about the pregnancy.

After realizing Jamie Lynn would not budge on her decision to have her baby, her team made an agreement with "OK!" to be the magazine to officially break the news with exclusive pictures of her with her baby and an interview. Before the article published, she was sent away to a cabin in Connecticut with her mom to hide out. They spent Thanksgiving together where "Momma wore her disappointment like her favorite jacket."

These stories are not far off from the horrendous ones we've heard from Britney. If anything, this just prove how horrible their parents were.

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