Cat Lovers Unite-- There's A New Dating Site Just For You

Someone with a very intense love of pets has created a whole app for those living a "cat-forward lifestyle."
The app is called Tabby and is geared toward people who love cats but are struggling to find a partner who shares that same love and appreciation. Research found that 21% of the women polled even hide their cat ownership until they’re sure their match liked animals... specifically cats.
Research also shows that there is a common stigma attached to cat ownership in men. A recent study suggests that some heterosexual women "found the men holding cats to be less dateable," as opposed to men with dogs.

Casey Isaacson, the co-founder of the app, started this journey herself by creating a dog centered app called Dig after she found herself in a tough situation when a romantic partnership ended because of her dog.

"Pets matter so much more than what a lot of other niche dating apps offer," said Isaacson when talking to "The Post."

If you're a "crazy cat lady" or an obsessed dog lover then Casey has the dating apps perfect for you!

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