TikTok Hack Almost Lit A Woman's House On Fire

A woman, who clearly fell down a TikTok rabbit hole, found a laundry hack that she was excited to try that almost cost her her home... or even her life.

The TikTok involved a DIY reusable dryer sheet hack. Hailee Clark woke up to smoke coming from her dryer and all of the clothes inside charred from a fire that started inside from the hack.

"I just wanted to spread some awareness. I tried this hack yesterday with a cloth, fabric softener and water as tumble dryer sheets in my tumble dryer. This is the first time I’ve ever used it. I’ve never had a problem with it in any shape or form," she said in a video she posted to TiktTok.

Most commercial fabric softeners have flammability warning labels, which Clark addressed by stating she never noticed the warning since it's in such small font on the softener bottle.

The ACI (American Cleaning Institute) has said this is not an approved method by them or the laundry manufacturers.

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