Lucky Woman May Have Snagged An Authentic Banksy Art Piece For A Steal

A New York woman went viral on TikTok after explaining she may have acquired authentic Banksy art pieces while on the subway.

She starts her TikTok video, that now has over 4 million views, explaining the route she takes home on the subway. While trekking home from work, she passed by a person in a full mask selling art pieces on the ground. She thought it was strange, but jumped on the train home anyway. Once on the train she had a feeling she needed to go back and buy something. So she got off, went to the ATM, took a bunch of money out, and made her way back to the art exhibit. She bought two different pieces, each for $60.

Some might think this is a total scam, but this random scenario she found herself in does lineup with ‘Banksy Expo: Genius or Vandal?’ exhibit that's rumored to be happening/happening soon.

She doesn't claim they are real, but rather how she's feeling about the fact they COULD be real. They aren't signed by Banksy, but there is a stamp on the back on the canvas that says "Unauthorized." This aligns with his upcoming exhibit. This might prove to be an issue if she tries to sell it off, since it's not authenticated (as far as we know). Banksy has been known to shock people with his performative art so there is still a chance the authentication is hidden somewhere in the canvas. If so, Banksy’s ‘Love Is in the Bin’ (2018) previously sold for $25.4 million and this girl could be sitting on a gold mine.

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