Couple Marries Despite Never Meeting In Real Life

Ayse, from the UK, and Darrin, from the US, met online through a Facebook group meant to create pen pals through the pandemic and now they're married, even though they've never actually met in person.

The pair became friends in July 2020 and soon were on the phone with each other daily. They created virtual date nights where they bought each other takeout and kept their relationship strong through the five hour time difference and the travel restrictions. By May of this year, the couple was engaged. Then they got married via Zoom a few months later.

"As we haven’t met in person yet we haven’t been able to have a physical relationship, which means that our marriage is based off of more than that. This hasn’t affected our relationship like it could do others, as it’s not something we see as the most important aspect, and we value other things, such as communication more. It’s not everyday you find your best friend and the love of your life in one, so I wasn't going to let her get away simply because we live in different countries," said Darrin.

Hopefully the two can be together soon.

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