You Can Stay At The House From The Original 'Home Alone' For $25

Everyone knows the classic Christmas movie, "Home Alone." Now you can stay in the massive home for $25 this month.

The real "Home Alone" house is located in Chicago’s suburb of Winnetka, Illinois and they're opening its doors for one family on Dec. 12 for $25 for an overnight stay. You just have to book it first when it becomes available at 1 p.m. CT on December 7th.

You'll even have a very special guest host. The Airbnb host of the Home Alone house will be Kevin’s big brother, Buzz.

The house is fully decked out to look like Christmas at the McCallister's and perfect for your Instagram feed.

You can find the house on Airbnb or right here:

Note: You do have to provide your own transportation to the house if you get it in time!

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