This Is The Day You Should Take Down Your Christmas Tree

Christmas seems to be the longest running holiday out of the year.

The debate on when the right time to put up your Christmas decorations and tree is a tricky one. Some people think it should be after Thanksgiving, others believe you have to wait until December, and some lunatics start getting festive right after Halloween.

Another heated debate is when you should take your Christmas decorations DOWN. The argument is typically between taking down your tree December 26th (the day after Christmas) or after New Year's.

Turns out most people want to soak in the holidays just a little bit longer and prefer to have their tree up past New Year's. According to a survey by, most people think January 2nd is the best day to take all your decorations down with a 51-percent vote. Second in line would be New Year's Day with 20-percent of the votes. The best part? Three-percent of people just don't even bother taking their decorations down at all.

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