Goldfish Crackers Are Getting An Adult Makeover

Goldfish... those delicious cheesy crackers we all ate as a kid will soon be acceptable to eat as an adult!

Soon you'll see Goldfish Mega Bites crackers available at all the same retailers you can find the regular Goldfish crackers at.

The Goldfish Mega Bites will be 50-percent larger and will have flavors more suited for an adult palate. They'll launch in Sharp Cheddar and Cheddar Jalapeno to start and will be a staple of the Goldfish crackers varieties.

"We're at the start of a new chapter for the brand and are expanding our offerings and appeal to all age groups — in the college dorm, snacking at your desk, wherever that is these days — while remaining a snack for all families. We're excited to keep creating bold and playful snacks and experiences," said Janda Lukin, chief marketing officer at Pepperidge Farm's parent company, Campbell Snacks.

I, personally, cannot wait to try these with a glass of wine or crumbled up over my tomato soup!

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