These Are The Best Ways To Win At Wordle

Wordle is the biggest online game out there right now.

The puzzle game has taken over Twitter with its five letters, six guess tasks. If you've seen an a Tweet like the one below and wondered what in the world could be happening... it's Wordle.

There are two strategies everyone is talking about that are supposed to give you the most likelihood of winning.

Strategy #1:

Your first few guesses should span as many common letters as possible. That means you want to avoid any guess with words that don't have double letters. If you're playing in Hard Mode then you want to make your first few guesses that have less used letters of the alphabet to get those out of the way.

Strategy #2:

Go with a smart first word and then optimize around the correct letters. The easiest way to do this is to figure out the first and last letter of the word you want to use. According to data of all the possibilities it's been determined that the best starting word is “SOARE.” Apparently "S" is the most common start to a word solution on Wordle and "E" is the most common end to a word (followed by "Y").

Hopefully this helps! Happy gaming!

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