Humanoid Robot Shuts Down Guy Who's Hitting On Her

The "world's most advanced" humanoid robot was showing off her impressive human-like facial expressions at CES when a bystander tried hitting on her.

Ameca, the robot, has a fully articulated head, face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. All of which she used to epically turn down the obnoxious man.

A woman was recording the robot's functions when the man jumped into the conversation to ask the robot if she "had a boyfriend."

“I do not have a boyfriend. Are you asking for a friend?” said Ameca.

“I’m asking for me,” he said.

“I see. Unfortunately, I am not on the market,” Ameca responded. “Robots do not have relations.

“Do you have a boyfriend?" asked Ameca.

“She got jokes!” the man said.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” quipped Ameca.

The full video can be seen below and it's worth it for the laugh.

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