People Are Worried When We Were Young Fest Will Be Astroworld 2.0

When We Were Young Festival announced their lineup yesterday to very mixed emotions.

Most people, especially millennials, jumped for joy to see their faves all on a lineup together that boasts acts like Avril Lavigne, Paramore, A Day To Remember, AFI, Taking Back Sunday, and more.

There are some who are worried the festival won't match up to expectation and will possibly end badly for its audience. Twitter was trending with people expressing their worry over the connection of the company that put on Astroworld also putting together When We Were Young Festival. Astroworld ended tragically as ten people died and hundreds were injured as the large crowd crushed those attending.

People are wondering if Live Nation Entertainment, who was in charge of promoting, planning, and staffing Astroworld, is ready to take on a festival with 65 acts lined up in one day.

The hope is that Live Nation Entertainment will not make the same mistakes made during Astroworld and that When We Were Young Festival will run smoothly.

When We Were Young will take place October 22 in Las Vegas. Pre-sale tickets start this Friday.

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