This Rescued Animal Has Experts Confused What It Could Be

A sweet woman, Christina Eyath, found an animal in need in her yard.

The poor thing was shivering and scared. Eyath sprung into action by coaxing the animal into her basement, but as she got a better look she realized she had no idea what the animal was.

“I wasn’t quite sure, but its behavior, it was scared and it was cold and all I could think about was this animal needed help,” she said.

TJ's Rescue Hideaway, in Pennsylvania, helped her get the animal the proper help it needs.

Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator, Morgan Barron, said the animal was taken to Wildlife Works for genetic testing as despite her training she is baffled what kind of animal it is as well. It could take two to four weeks for the results. In the meantime, the animal has been treated for mange and is safe in isolatoin.

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