Sweethearts Are Adding New Phrases To Their Candies

Sweethearts has decided to add new words to the mix!

This year, the popular Valentine's Day candy will add encouraging words/phrases like:

  • “Proud of U”
  • “Youda Best”
  • “Fear Less”
  • “Super Star”
  • “Big Fan”
  • “Don’t Quit”
  • “Be You”
  • “Crush It”
  • “Go 4 It”
  • “Way 2 Go”
  • “High Five”
  • “Chin Up”

Even with all the new phrases, you will still see the classic phrases in the package. “Be Mine,” “Hug Me,” and “Cutie Pie” aren't going anywhere. The flavors will also stay the same. So you can enjoy the taste of Wintergreen, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Blueberry, Banana, Grape, and Cherry.

In celebration of the new additions the brand is giving away 500 free boxes. Go to SweetheartsCandies.com to nominate anyone you want to get the complimentary candies.

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