These Are The Perfect Beer Pairings For Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies are a favorite by many. I know I always get excited to order my Samoas every year!

Now there's a more indulgent way to enjoy those delicious treats. Pair your favorite cookie with a beer that will compliment the flavor notes! (I really made Girl Scout Cookies sound super fancy there, didn't I?)'s list of pairings go like this:

  • Thin Mints should be paired with a dry stout.
  • Samoas (my favorite) goes with a German-style doppelbock.
  • Try your Tagalongs with a Belgian-style quadrupel.
  • Trefoils are great with an English pale ale.
  • If you like Savannah Smiles then you should eat them with a glass of Berliner-style Weisse.
  • Those Do-Si-Dos are amazing alongside a glass of American brown ale.

If none of these make sense to you then do what I do and eat any of them with a tall glass of red wine. *classy*

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