'Mucus Fishing' Is The Latest Disgusting TikTok Trend

TikTok is known to have some interesting trends, some of which we could probably do without. This latest one is a trend I don't think we ever needed.

"Mucus Fishing" is all the rage right now for TikTokers and it's just as nasty as it sounds. There are so many videos that you may have accidentally come across one of them. Users are removing perfectly healthy bodily fluids from their eyes.

Doctors want you to know that not only is it very disgusting to do this, but that fluid is there for a reason. It helps to fight off fungi and viruses. Also, you should not stick things in your eyes for the possibility of infection.

WARNING: The TikTok below is pretty nasty and it involves eyeballs.

Doctors also warn that this can trigger an obsessive tendency, which can lead to a bunch of other issues.

So just save us all by not doing this on TikTok!

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