Now You Can Do The 'Hot Ones' Challenge At Home

You can now do the "Hot Ones" challenge at home... just without Sean Evans or the questions.

"Hot Ones" gained intense popularity as a YouTube show with celebrity guests who have to eat hot wings, while host Sean Evans asks them questions. With each wing the sauce on it gets hotter and hotter. The very last wing is the vessel for what's called "The Last Dab" aka the hottest sauce they have. If the celebrity gets through that then they get to promote whatever it is they have currently going on.

Well now Sean and his team have made this possible to do at home with their Hot Ones Challenge at home kit. The kit will contain Boneless Chicken Bites with fan-favorite sauces that will range in heat on the Scoville scale.

The kits will be available at Walmart later this month.

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