Logan Paul's Latest Venture Involves Arnold Schwarzenegger

Logan Paul is teaming up with Arnold Schwarzenegger to bring everyone the exciting sport of slap boxing.

The Slap Fighting Championship will happen on March 5 at the annual Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. You can watch the live on Fanmio, as well as Paul’s YouTube Channel and his Facebook Live. 

“I love the absurdity of it,” Paul said. “I love the idea that two guys could just stand across from each other and just slap each other and see who falls down first. It’s hilarious to me. It’s like, how is that a real event?"

The official rules go like this:

  • The fight is comprised of three rounds with one slap per competitor in each round
  • Three judges will score the fight, with a knockout determined based on a player’s ability to continue fighting within 30 seconds of being slapped

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