Marcel The Shell Is Getting His Own Movie

Marcel The Shell gained massive popularity with his Youtube shorts ten years ago. Now he's got a movie coming out.

"Marcel The Shell With Shoes On" was one of the first short Dean Fleischer-Camp and Jenny Slate uploaded to YouTube. A tiny seashell with one eye, a pair of shoes, and the most adorable little voice gives us a look inside what it's like to be him. People across the world fell in love with the cute little shell and he went viral.

In 2014 Jenny Slate announced her and her co-creator, Dean Fleischer-Camp, were working on a movie based on the three shorts uploaded to YouTube. On June 24 "Marcel The Shell With Shoes On" will have it's theatrical release. The plot follows Marcel on his journey to find the rest of his family and is shot in mockumentary style.

Check out the trailer below.

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