WATCH: Cops Shocked To Find The Car They Pulled Over Had No Driver

A video caught the moment police officers pulled over a car, only to find out no one was driving it.

The car was driving without headlights in the dead of night. You can see the straight up confusion across the guy's face as he walks to the window to talk to the driver and NO ONE is there. It doesn't stop there! When he walks back to his car, the driverless car took off. They pulled it over once again, down the street, still as confused as ever.

Apparently there are these cars called "Cruise cars" that have driverless permits in San Francisco. These cars are allowed to driver between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The company acknowledged what happened with a tweet, "Our AV yielded to the police vehicle, then pulled over to the nearest safe location for the traffic stop, as intended. An officer contacted Cruise personnel and no citation was issued. We work closely with the SFPD on how to interact with our vehicles, including a dedicated phone number for them to call in situations like this."

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